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Wedding Event Planning

Wedding Event Planning

Why do people plan weddings? Why not just show up and let whatever happen, 'cos that would certainly be way cheaper! The problem with no planning is the possibility of chaos and a very bad day.

Wedding planning is not all about who sits where, it's primarily about ensuring the comfort of the bride and groom, then taking care of everyone else. You, the marrying couple, describe your ideal concept to a wedding planner, and they sketch it all and bring it all together. The comfort for you is that you don't have to worry about anything, but walking up to the altar without tripping. In most cases, the wedding event when professionally planned, ends in perfection and everyone is happy.

If you have the time and patience to plan your wedding, by all mean do so with zeal. Just don't allow the stress to ruin the wedding day because you are focused on ensuring all goes as you planned, and most importantly, never have any regrets, regardless of fumbles that may occur. Turn those bloopers into fun memories that can be passed on .for generations. Ultimately it's about being married to that person who you will spend your days and nights with for a long time.

Don't interfere with the wedding planner

Sometimes you may get a little enthusiastic and want to meddle with the plans being processed by the wedding planner you hired, and that can be bad. You may feel like you do something better than they presented, but remember they have prepared the format based on your desires, so relax.

  • Once you have hired a wedding planner, do not do your own vendor search and hire while the planner is working and doing the same.
    Most planners have preferred vendors that have proven records. Remember, they plan weddings for a living. You are merely a partaker.
  • Never invite more guests that you can financially afford to seat and feed.
    While you may want everyone in your social network to see you on your super special day, it is not practical. You will get a massive bill and that's a bad way to start a marriage.
  • Do not pad your invitation list to receive gifts.
    It's like starting a life of crime and deception and it will never go away.

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