About MJ Travel Group Events Team


Marlene Reid-Johnson

Senior Consultant


Kadia Darby-James

Travel Consultant


Christopher Davis

Travel Consultant


Jason James

Travel Consultant


Andrea Stewart

Travel Consultant

MJ Travel Group Events, has been in the service industry for over 25 years helping their clients fulfilling their travel needs, connecting clients with great deals and package values that cannot be found elsewhere.  MJ always had a passion for travel as a child and as a teenager she began to travel as a hobby. This continued for years until her passion became her reality to opening her own travel agency, when she realized that it was difficult to find agents who were willing to curate travel plans suited for her financial and time budgets. She has been widely successful as a travel agent, with hundreds of clients throughout the country and many international clients.  She has won the Top Travel Jamaica Specialist since 2014, reflecting her dedication to her clients and her excellent customer service skills.


Our Process Is Simple

We listen to our customers to determine exactly what they desire, and find the best complete packages at the lowest prices. We also ensure that all security measures are in place to guarantee a safe vacation. All we do is ensure you are totally satisfied because your happiness brings more customers to our door, and we really really like that. It's all about maintaining our excellent reputation. Just as Google 'bout us 🙂



We will give you the best vacation you can have. Just call today to discus your dream vacation