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10 Day Alaska: Denali & Northern Lights
Premier Private Guided Tour
from $10,511.00 (USD)
Per Person
Sep 25, 2022
through Dec 31, 2023
Nights: 9
Price Per Night:$1,167.89 (USD)
(based on double occupancy, for comparison only)
Sep 25, 2022 through Dec 31, 2023
Location(s): Anchorage To Girdwood, Girdwood, Girdwood To Matanuska, Matanuska To Talkeetna, Talkeetna, Denali National Park To Talkeetna, Denali National Park To Fairbanks, Fairbanks
Immerse yourself in Alaska's winter playground during the day and the dazzling Aurora Borealis at night. See snow-capped natural wonders in Talkeetna, Denali, and Fairbanks before looking to the skies for a magical light spectacle.
from $1,822.00 (USD)
Per Person
Oct 02, 2022
through Oct 07, 2022
Nights: 5
Price Per Night:$364.40 (USD)
(based on double occupancy, for comparison only)
Oct 02, 2022 through Oct 07, 2022
Location(s): Denver, Rocky Mountain National Park, Steamboat Springs, Grand Junction, Salt Lake City
Few are immune to the pull of Colorado. If you’re in search of show-stopping mountain views, unique desert formations, scenic hiking trails and a flourishing food scene, this welcoming state will tick all your boxes. Let a local leader show you what they love about Colorado as you journey across the state over six days. Discover the artistic side of Denver, hike through spectacular scenery in Rocky Mountain National Park, wash away your worries in Steamboat Springs and get a taste of the Wild West at the Colorado National Monument. But be warned – once you visit Colorado, you’ll want to keep coming back.
from $2,470.00 (USD)
Per Person
Oct 09, 2022
through Oct 14, 2022
Nights: 5
Price Per Night:$494.00 (USD)
(based on double occupancy, for comparison only)
Oct 09, 2022 through Oct 14, 2022
Location(s): Portland, Rockport, Bucksport, Bar Harbor, Acadia National Park, Acadia National Park - Portland
While the rugged beauty of Acadia National Park naturally gets the headlines there is so much more to cycling in Maine. From the coastal scenery that inspired the tempestuous seascapes of the acclaimed 19th-century American painter, Winslow Homer, to the quintessential New England fishing villages and lighthouses, to riding up a mountain at dawn to watch the sunrise above the Atlantic Ocean, Maine offers something for cyclists at every level. Spend your days riding the quiet and beautiful tree-lined roads and your evenings enjoying some of America’s finest seafood cuisine – the perfect antidote to busy city life.
Alaska Glaciers & Wildlife Multi-Adventure
Gustavus, Alaska to Juneau, Alaska
from $5,990.00 (USD)
Per Person
Jul 23, 2023
through Jul 29, 2023
Nights: 6
Price Per Night:$998.33 (USD)
(based on double occupancy, for comparison only)
Jul 23, 2023 through Jul 29, 2023
Location(s): Arrive in Gustavus, Discover Glacier Bay by Catamaran, Venture to Point Adolphus by Boat, Explore Wrangell & Visit Anan Bear Observatory, Fly to Juneau & Trek the Tongass National Forest, Hike Mendenhall Glacier via Helicopter, Bid Farewell to Alaska
There will be hikes of various length every day. Terrain includes the alpine zone above the tree line, beaches, and boardwalks or trails through the old growth forest. All hikes are optional.
from $2,465.00 (USD)
Per Person
Oct 09, 2022
through Oct 14, 2022
Nights: 5
Price Per Night:$493.00 (USD)
(based on double occupancy, for comparison only)
Oct 09, 2022 through Oct 14, 2022
Location(s): Saint George, Tropic, Tropic & Escalante Canyons, Bryce Canyon & Zion National Park, Zion National Park, St George & Snow Canyon State Park
Combine cycling, stunning rugged landscapes and laidback Southwestern life and you get some of the best that Southern Utah has to offer. Ride winding roads through iconic Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks, past red rock canyons, sandstone cliffs and through sprawling forests, or escape the crowds and enjoy the endless vistas of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and Snow Canyon State Park. With great weather and scenery, the cycling here is second to none. Off the bike you’ll find some of the country’s most fascinating history, friendly locals and authentic cuisine – this cycling adventure takes in the best of it all at a pace everyone can enjoy.
California John Muir Trail Southbound to Mt. Whitney Trek
Fresno, California to Fresno, California
from $12,995.00 (USD)
Per Person
Aug 04, 2023
through Aug 20, 2023
Nights: 16
Price Per Night:$812.19 (USD)
(based on double occupancy, for comparison only)
Aug 04, 2023 through Aug 20, 2023
Location(s): Arrive in Fresno, California, Follow the South Fork of the San Joaquin River, Hike from Piute Creek to Goddard Canyon, Reach Evolution Lake, Descend into LeConte Canyon, Head for Mather Pass & Camp at Palisades Lakes, Climb Mather Pass & Reach South Fork of the Kings River, Tackle Pinchot Pass & Descend to Crater Mountain Plateau, Hike Up to Arrowhead Lake, Ascend Glenn Pass and Hike to Center Basin...
This trip is designed for the seasoned hiker. You are expected to hike with up to 15 pounds in your daypack about 8-12 miles per day (5-8 hours per day) for 15 days straight, with no layover days. We will hike a total of 140 miles on mountain trails that are often steep and uneven. Most elevations are above 9,000’, one is over 13,000’, and the summit of Mt. Whitney is at 14,495’.
from $2,275.00 (USD)
Per Person
Nov 03, 2022
through Nov 08, 2022
Nights: 5
Price Per Night:$455.00 (USD)
(based on double occupancy, for comparison only)
Nov 03, 2022 through Nov 08, 2022
Location(s): San Francisco, San Francisco to Sonoma, Sonoma, Sonoma to Napa, Napa, Napa to San Francisco
Make your way from San Francisco to Sonoma wine country and to the rugged Pacific Ocean coast on this leisurely wine and walking tour. Along the way, you’ll find wine tastings, amazing cuisine, hikes through diverse landscapes – from coastal estuaries to epic redwood forests – and a wealth of history to experience. You’ll also visit two of the California’s most famous wine regions – Sonoma and the Napa Valley – in the one trip. If you’re looking to combine wines, coastlines and time to relax surrounded by the best of Northern California, this is the Intrepid adventure for you.
Alaska Hula Hula River Rafting Adventure
Fairbanks, Alaska to Fairbanks, Alaska
from $4,735.00 (USD)
Per Person
Jun 10, 2023
through Jun 22, 2023
Nights: 12
Price Per Night:$394.58 (USD)
(based on double occupancy, for comparison only)
Jun 10, 2023 through Jun 22, 2023
Location(s): Arrive in Fairbanks, Alaska, Travel to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Launch Down the Hula Hula River, Raft Below Towering Peaks, Hike Up Esetuk Creek, Raft "The Gorge", Navigate the Boulder Gardens, Hike the Foothills of the Brooks Range, Descend into the Coastal Plains, Spend the Day Unwinding by the River...
This is a moderate to strenuous river rafting trip. You should be comfortable rafting up to 18 miles over the course of 4 hours per day for 7 days on class II – IV rapids. Previous river rafting experience is recommended, and you should be in good physical condition. Due to the remote nature of this trip, no vehicle support is available during our activities.
Oct 28, 2022
through Nov 01, 2022
Nights: 4
Price Per Night:$815.00 (USD)
(based on double occupancy, for comparison only)
Oct 28, 2022 through Nov 01, 2022
Itinerary: Los Angeles, CA / Embark, Anacapa and Santa Cruz Islands, Channel Islands National Park, Santa Rosa Island, Channel Islands National Park, Catalina Island, Los Angeles / Disembark
We've teamed up with exhale to create a 5-day Wildness + Wellness adventure in the remote and remarkable Channel Islands. Board the National Geographic Sea Lion, your floating base camp, in Los Angeles, and head for three of the five wildlife-rich islands which make up Channel Islands National Park, plus Catalina Island.
from $3,495.00 (USD)
Per Person
Sep 15, 2024
through Sep 23, 2024
Nights: 8
Price Per Night:$436.88 (USD)
(based on double occupancy, for comparison only)
Sep 15, 2024 through Sep 23, 2024
Location(s): Stroll Through The Red Streets Of Boston, Take A Historical Drive Through New England, Uncover The Craftmanship Of Vermont, Discover Charming Stowe and Northern Vermont, Embrace Autumn Hues In North Conway, Savour The Flavours Of Bar Harbor, Trek Through Colourful Acadia National Park, Take A Panoramic Drive Along the Marine Coast, Back To Boston And Beyond
As autumn arrives, admire fiery foliage flames on your New England fall tour from Beantown to the rocky headlands of Maine. Scenic drives along Kancamagus Highway, pausing for insights from flora and fauna specialists are the best way to experience this beautiful corner of the US.
from $1,903.00 (USD)
Per Person
Oct 07, 2022
through Oct 16, 2022
Nights: 9
Price Per Night:$211.44 (USD)
(based on double occupancy, for comparison only)
Oct 07, 2022 through Oct 16, 2022
Location(s): Arrive Boston, Boston – Plymouth – Hyannis (2 Nights), Cape Cod and Provincetown Excursion, Hyannis - Providence, Providence - Killington (2 Nights), Vermont's Green Mountains, Killington – North Conway (2 Nights), North Conway Sightseeing and Free Time, North Conway – Portsmouth, Portsmouth – Depart Boston
If the idea of New England brings images of picture perfect villages, sleepy fishing towns, vast swathes of golden beaches and presidential summer homes into your mind’s eye, this trip will not disappoint. Starting in historic Boston you’ll visit lovely Cape Cod, bubbly Burlington and sea swept Maine, with each new place transformed under a blanket of vibrant fall foliage.