About The Week Long Party

Jamaica Dream Weekend is the Caribbean’s #1 and largest music festival, catering over 40,000 people each year. It is held on the white sand beaches of Negril, Jamaica. The event spans 5 days of parties with popular high-energy genres of music, performances by local and international artistes, inclusive of world-class liquor and food, with a level of production that makes the event the most desired by people of all ethnicity from around the world.

Days to the Big Party

July 29- Aug 2nd 2022



To get additional information on the below hotels, please use this search. Switch the Package Type to Hotel Only, put in MBJ in the Going to field, and put in your departure and return dates (the event is 7/29/22 - 8/2/22). EXTENDED DATES ARE WELCOME!

  • Riu Negril
  • Riu Tropical Bay
  • Sandals Negril
  • Beaches Negril
  • Couples Swept Away Negril - All Inclusive
  • Couples Negril - All Inclusive
  • Azul Beach Resort Negril by Karisma - All Inclusive
  • Samsara - All Inclusive
  • Legends - All Inclusive
  • Legends - European Plan
  • Royalton Negril
  • Hideaway Negril
  • Grand Lido
  • Coco La Palm
  • Sunset at the Palm
  • Hedonism II - All Inclusive
  • Grand Pineapple
  • Rooms Negril


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General Admission Package

  • Drinks are included in 7 events only; purchase required for all other events
  • Food included in only 3 events
  • Shuttle service included for all events (Hotels must have a Norman Manley Blvd address)
  • Unlimited entrance/exit to and from all events

VIP Admission Package

  • Drinks are included in all events (All general section drink offerings + additional VIP options)
  • Gourmet Food included in 7 of 9 events
  • Designated area/lounge with option to go between VIP and general area
  • Designated lines at events
  • Shuttle service included for all events (Hotels must have a Norman Manley Blvd address)
  • Airport arrival/clearance service (Based on Availability)
  • Designated VIP lines for ticket redemption
  • Unlimited entrance/exit to and from all events

Party Bands are

  • Non refundable
  • Not transferable
  • Once paid in full your Dream Weekend Die-cut ticket will be mailed to your listed address.
  • Shipping fee by USPS is $8.40.  Tracking number will given to you.  MJ TRAVEL GROUP will not be responsible for wrong address given or be responsible for any errors by the USPS.
  • Please take this digital ticket and your ID to our redemption Center in Negril for scanning.

Jamaica Dream Week Highlights

All-Inclusive Hotel Packages

Rates are based on double occupancy and prices are subject to change until deposited. Pre and post dates are available, some hotel occupancy is limited to 3 adults maximum to a room. Deposit is non refundable and non exchangeable.

For current rates, please call our office at 1-888-959-9401 extension 1


  • All prices are in USD currency ( flexible days are available) 
  • Deposit is Non Refundable
  • Hotel Deposit is $100 per person
  • Rates below are based on Double occupancy and event dates ( July 28- August 2, 2022)
  • Deposit on Flights and Hotel packages will depend on airline carrier when booking

MJ Travel Group will provide:

  • Great customer service
  • Best group prices possible
  • Payment plan
  • Travel protection is recommend
  • Flights and Hotel Packages are available upon request
  • PP= per person rate
  • All rates are base on double occupancy, Single rate can be purchase
  • Low Deposit 
  • Recommend travel dates (July 28 - August 3rd, 2022)

Jamaica Dream Weekend 2022 is a multi-day music festival in the Caribbean. Large summer parties with live music performed by well-known bands and top DJs are organized on weekends.

Various music types are played throughout the events and concerts:

·         Dancehall

·         Pop

·         House

·         Hip hop

·         Rap

·         Soca and more

The occasion, which has been continuing for a couple of years, is filling in fame every year, and the achievement is astonishing. Consistently, the occasion draws in countless inhabitants and outsiders who are devotees of Jamaican and Dancehall music.

The celebration's connection site contains data on the celebration's program, scene, craftsman list, execution time/movement plan, headings, stopping, etc. See the "Occasion Related Information" area for additional data.


Hotel Options:

·         Riu Negril

·         Riu Palace

·         Royalton Negril

·         Hideaway

·         Grand Lido

Rates are calculated based on two persons sharing a room and are subject to change until a deposit is paid. Before and after dates are available, and some hotels have a limited occupancy of three persons per room. The deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.


What exactly is Jamaica Dream Weekend 2022?

It is a five-day relentless festival of Jamaica's liberation and freedom.

The gatherings, the sea shores, the swimsuits, the occasions, the water, the sand, the food, and the pleasant make this the world's main objective for the ideal summer party.

Dream Weekend is Jamaica's #1 and the most expected live concert, occurring on the white sand sea shores of Negril, Jamaica, for 5 days of relentless gatherings including well known high-energy sorts of music, exhibitions by nearby and global craftsmen, elite alcohol and food, and a degree of creation that makes the occasion an exceptional encounter!


About the event

Consistently, almost 40,000 individuals go to Jamaica Dream Weekend, the Caribbean's biggest and most well-known music occasion. On the lovely sand sea shores of Negril, Jamaica, it is held. The celebration comprises five days of festivities with well known high-energy music kinds, exhibitions by nearby and worldwide specialists, elite liquor and cooking, and a degree of creation that makes it the most sought-after occasion by individuals of all nationalities from around the world.


Some FAQs

Where will jamaica dreams weekend 2022 be held?

Negril, Jamaica is regarded as the world's hottest party destination.

What are the event dates in detail?

Negril will host the world's greatest (all-inclusive) Caribbean parties from July 29 to August 8, 2022.

Who are the participants in the event?

This event will appeal to everyone who likes reggae, dancehall, all-inclusive parties, and having a good time. Even though there are no age limitations, the majority of individuals that attend are between the ages of 18 and 35.

Thousands of people travel from all around Jamaica and the Caribbean to attend Negril's largest event each year.

How much do Jamaica Dream Weekend event tickets and concert tickets cost?

Price: $265.00 US. - $500.00 (VIP + Prices may vary) for a wrist bracelet that allows you to attend all ten activities scheduled for the Jamaica Dream Weekend 2022.

What is the best way to reserve tickets for the Jamaica Dream Weekend event?

You may reserve a flight to Montego Bay, Jamaica. (MBJ) After that, you'll board a shuttle bus from the airport to Negril, Jamaica. After exiting the plane, bus transportation is available from within the airport (we suggest Tour Wise) for a transport cost of $25.00 (Prices may vary).

Do I need to reserve a car for this Jamaica Dream Weekend event?

We don't suggest leasing a vehicle assuming this is your first get-away to Jamaica. A van transport runs from the air terminal to Negril and expenses generally $50.00 full circle. The air terminal is around 75 kilometers from Negril.

Is a passport required?

Yes, a passport is required for entry into Jamaica.

What is the date for Dream Weekend 2022 in Jamaica?

Jamaica Dream Weekend 2022, one of the Caribbean's most popular summertime events, takes place in Negril from July 29 to August 8, 2022, and this year's 5-day extravaganza promises to be the ultimate party and celebration of everything Jamaican.

Where is Dream Weekend held in Jamaica?

Dream Weekend begins today along the seven-mile beach strip on Norman Manley Boulevard in the resort town of Negril, Westmoreland, and is billed as the Caribbean's greatest party extravaganza.

Is Dream Weekend All Inclusive?

Dream Weekend is Jamaica's generally well known and expected live concert, facilitated on the white sand sea shores of Negril, Jamaica, for five days of relentless festivals with famous high-energy classifications of music, exhibitions by neighborhood and worldwide craftsmen, and top-notch wine and food.